Roadside Cycle Sushi with Mango Guacamole

By Caroline Labrunye

I’m a crazy, crazy fan of Ataulfo mangoes and avocados; I could live on these all year long if they were more accessible. This recipe combines my two loves for a perfect tropical twist for a roadside cycle trip raw food rave!

I’d been cycling across Canada with my friend Maëva. Every day we ate homemade salads using a maximum of four ingredients as we carried everything on our bikes. After a while we wanted to eat something different and that’s how we decided to put our salad in a nori or rice sheet. Same dressing (soy sauce and maple syrup) we were using for our salad, just a different way to eat it. This became our go to cycling meal.

Once we arrived in Whistler, we refined our road recipe slightly into the 100 per cent raw fare presented here. Enjoy!

– raw unsalted nori seaweed sheets
– shredded carrots
– shredded beets
– shredded zucchini
– thin pieces of red cabbage
– any greens (I like baby spring leaves)
– homemade guacamole
– cilantro
– basically just use any raw veggies you feel like having 🙂

On a flat surface like a chopping board set the nori sheet, spread some guacamole in a 2cm line from the left to the right of nori sheet. Add all your veggies, following the guacamole line, same amount from one side to the other, just a little bit, well ordered to make it easy to roll. When ready to roll, gently wet the upper part of the nori sheet. Roll it by folding the lower part of the sheet on all the veggies and make sure you compress everything firmly. Repeat until you have enough sushi rolls. You can also substitute rice paper sheets for nori for a change. Cut your sushi rolls in two with a sharp knife. Dip in the guac and enjoy.

Mango Guacamole :
– 2 very ripe avocados
– 3-5 cherry tomatoes
– 1 spring onion
– 1 glove of garlic
– 1 lime
– black pepper

Cut avocadoes, mash them with a fork in a bowl and add lime juice. Chop tomatoes, spring onions, and garlic finely. Add to avocados mash and stir with the fork. Add fresh ground black pepper to taste.

Mango dip :

– 1 ripe ataulfo mango (sweetest one)
– dash of apple cider vinegar
– 1 tbs almond butter
– dash of tamari/soy sauce
– black pepper
– cilantro
– 2 or 3 dates

Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender, add a dash of water if needed.

For a rich and decadent dip twist, you can make a peanut butter dip:
In a bowl, mix some crunchy natural peanut butter, juice of one lime or lemon, a bit of soy sauce, black pepper, bit of water, cilantro, and combine everything with a fork.

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