The sixth Green Moustache Organic Café will be opening in Port Moody, B.C. in the summer of 2018.

The café will serve 100% organic, nutrient-dense, plant-based meals, juices, smoothies and desserts to the Port Moody community and surrounding areas.

Green Moustache Port Moody

Green Moustache founder and CEO, Nicolette Richer, said, “We are so thrilled with the growth of The Green Moustache Organic Café franchise. The demand for organic and plant-based food is rapidly increasing in Canada and with that we have experienced a lot of interest from people who would like to own their own organic, nutrient-dense café and become a Green Moustache franchisee.”

“A recent survey from Dalhousie University showed that a large percentage of Canadians under 35 are choosing plant-based cuisine, demonstrating a trend amongst young people to choose healthier, more environmentally-friendly foods,” said Richer. “The Green Moustache Organic Café has been dedicated to health and sustainability since the beginning and we are absolutely delighted that demand for this type of cuisine has now reached a tipping point.”

Franchisee Emelin Ferrer discovered holistic health after experiencing a number of health issues, including food allergies and skin complaints. The loss of her mother to a very aggressive form of cancer led her to want to expand her knowledge of nutrition, and she enrolled at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. She graduated as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner/Holistic Nutritionist and is extremely passionate about helping others with their personal health struggles. Ferrer is excited to open a Green Moustache Organic Café in her active, healthy, and growing community.

Richer opened the first Green Moustache Organic Café in Whistler, B.C. after a decade of working as an environmental educator and health consultant in both government and non-profit sectors. Richer had become well aware of the link between environment and health and knew that nutrition had a significant role to play in preventing and healing chronic disease. She decided to open a Green Moustache Organic Café to make nutrient-dense, organic food easily accessible to her clients and the community.

Inspired by the success of the Whistler location, Richer decided to franchise The Green Moustache to expand the reach of their healthy food and beverages. The first franchise location was opened in Squamish, B.C., in 2016 and in its first year of operating won four awards in the 2017 Squamish Chief Reader’s Choice Awards: Best Juice Bar, Best Salad, Best Place for a Healthy Meal and Best Vegetarian Meal. The second franchise location opened in January 2018 in Revelstoke, B.C. and the third franchise opened this month in North Vancouver, B.C.

The Green Moustache Organic Café now has five cafés in operation and three in development. For more information about opening your own franchise, visit our Franchise Opportunity page.