PBWF SOS-free Chef Course

$5000 – up to 5 chefs, cooks, and food preps and restaurant owners can attend the course from your restaurant.

Next Intake: September 2020


Food has the ability to heal the body or harm the body. And we are on a mission to educate Chefs across the globe to promote health and healing through the foods they prepare and serve in their cafés and restaurants.

We teach new culinary standards that are in line with evidence-based medicine and Canadian food guidelines that call for healthier foods, that are unrefined, whole, plant-based, etc. Foods that heal.

This mission to educate Chefs began when Nicolette tried to hire restaurant consultants to help expand her already plant-based whole-food healing menu. When working with trained culinary chefs, she realized that they didn’t have the knowledge and skills to be able to produce exciting, delicious, and nutritious foods in their kitchen despite their years of experience as chefs and cooks in some of the best kitchens in Canada.

After having to personally train these chefs on how to choose, cook and prepare foods that are healing to the body, Nicolette decided she had to set up a program to teach chefs the art and science of preparing nutritious and delicious foods that would actually reverse the leading causes of chronic diseases that are predominantly caused by the very same foods these chefs had been preparing and cooking for years.