Eat to Beat High School Masterclass

A high school program designed to teach kids the healing power of whole foods and how to eat to beat and prevent disease.

If your school shares our belief that nutrition and wellness can help prevent and fight chronic health issues, let’s work together to educate and inspire your students!

Eat to Beat nutrition program

Join the Green Mo’ Revolution!

At The Green Moustache Organic Café we serve up a healthy educational program promoting disease fighting foods that are equally delicious and nutritious. The Green Moustache is more than a health food café, it’s a community space that brings wellness warriors together; people who are passionate about spreading the healthy love by learning and sharing evidence based information about nutrition and wellness, all while taking a stand for our body’s miraculous ability to heal itself.

Our mission is to teach students how to use food to prevent and cure their own diseases and illnesses. Most chronic diseases can be prevented, and many even reversed through reducing risk factors and adopting healthy behaviours around eating clean nutrient dense foods and engaging in moderate exercise and detoxification.