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  • What if Medical Schools were called Health Schools?

    Nicolette Richer, founder of The Green Moustache, Richer Health and Sea to Sky Thrivers Society, makes a provocative case in her TEDx talk for a new health care system that begins with reimagining medical schools.


  • Nicolette Richer is interviewed by Howard Straus, grandson of Max Gerson

    Author and international speaker Howard Straus helps people discover the power of natural healing. As grandson of Dr. Max Gerson (creator of Gerson Therapy) and the son of the ever popular health advocate, Charlotte Gerson, Howard has been a lifelong champion of natural health and healing methods that really work.


  • Nicolette Richer on Roundhouse Radio

    Nicolette Richer, founder and co-owner of The Green Moustache, spoke to Roundhouse Radio about how the The Green Moustache started.


  • Nicolette Richer on Mountain FM

    Nicolette Richer, founder and co-owner of The Green Moustache, spoke to Mountain FM’s Rachel Thom about the build up, execution and final reveal of her family’s appearance on Dragons’ Den.


  • Green Moustache on Dragons’ Den

    Watch the Richer family take on the Dragons!


  • Meet Nicolette Richer, FWE E-Series Alumni

    Posted in BlogDeep Expertise on October 4, 2016 by FWEuser

    “Nicolette Richer is the founder of Green Moustache Juice Inc., BC’s fastest growing collection of fast-casual cafes serving communities with affordable, 100% organic, nutrifying and detoxifying meals + beverages. Nicolette is an alumni of the 2016 FWE E-Series Program.”

  • Green Moustache on Shaw TV

    Learn how a passionate entrepreneur is helping change her customers and communities lives even more thanks to Whistler’s first Social Venture Challenge!


  • Eat Right: The Green Moustache (Where Vancouver)

    “It’s difficult to imagine anyone more passionate about healthy eating than Nicolette Richer. A cancer and chronic disease consultant, she created The Green Moustache as a place for folks to find food and juices that promote health and fight disease. If it isn’t organic (and delicious), Richer won’t serve it.”

  • 48 Hours in Whistler: The Quirky Guide (Vancouver Sun)

    Thank you Dee Rafo from the Vancouver Sun for mentioning us in your article! Yes, come by the juice bar for a nutritional boost anytime!

  • Best New Business in Whistler (Pique News Magazine)

    “Even a decade ago, it would’ve been hard to imagine a place like The Green Moustache thriving in Whistler. But with more and more consumers caring about what they put into their body and where it comes from, business has been booming at the vegetarian café since the owners Nicolette Richer and her husband Pierre opened their doors a year ago.”

  • Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Whistler (Pique News Magazine)

    “A certified health counsellor and dietician, Richer wanted to give Whistler a nourishing, yet tasty, alternative to the typical fast food and pub fare that dots the resort’s culinary landscape. That means giant salads packed with locally picked produce and nuts, hearty, homemade soups, creamy almond milk smoothies and cold-pressed juices loaded with anti-oxidants, as well as delectable raw vegan desserts that trick even the most savvy of sweet tooths.”

  • The Big Idea: A Shared Space With Two Businesses Blossoming

    “Nicolette Richer, owner of The Green Mustache, and Paula Jeffers, owner of 3 Singing Birds, had both been on exhaustive searches for the right space to start their businesses. When neither had success finding a suitable location with a level of rent that was affordable the two friends took a page out of the co-working book and came up with the idea to share an ideal space that had come available in Whistler’s Marketplace.”

  • The Pique News Magazine

    “Opened in late December by the husband-and-wife team of Pierre and Nicolette Richer, The Green Moustache is committed to serving healthy, fresh and nutritional fare that nourishes the body without sacrificing flavour.”

  • Whistler Insider

    “Menu Item: The Passion Plate
    What Makes it Awesome: An abundance of raw veggies, sprouts, nuts, and homemade dressing to tie it all together. This salad supports the testament that “nothing tastes as good as healthy feels”.

  • Shaw TV Whistler

    At the Green Moustache we make our own almond milk every day of the week, fresh for the beautiful smoothies and soups that we bring you. Follow along as Nicolette shows you how you can do this too… in 3 easy steps in this Shaw TV episode:


  • The Best Things in Life Blogs

    “Walking into the Green Moustache Juice and Live Food Bar In Whistler is like walking into somebody’s warm and inviting kitchen. Of course it couldn’t be my kitchen. It’s way too healthy. Juicers are whirring and the kettle is boiling for a cup of organic tea. It’s the kind of place you could hang out in all day (if they let you) and enjoy a healthy salad with a smoothie on the side.”