Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels
100% organic, local, highly nutritious and delicious meals made fresh daily.


Green Moustache organic juices and food

The Green Moustache Organic Juice, Smoothie + Live Food Bar is what your body is craving.

We want to help you achieve optimum health using food as medicine. We do this by serving up 100% organic food, juices, smoothies + desserts. Every menu item is made from scratch – just like grandma used to do – and all produce is fresh and pure which you’ll consume in its most natural form.



    We have an abundance of delicious, healthy, freshly-made food options. From raw superfood salads to nutritious soups and hearty protein dishes.

    Soup 7.75

    Dairy-free + gluten-free, made daily

    Superfood Salad 11.95

    This passionate plate is full of seasonal greens, an abundance of fresh veggies, seeds, sprouts + more

    Add: Quinoa salad, avocado, hummus   1.50 ea

    Buddha Bowl 11.95

    An abundant bowl of rice + quinoa topped with fresh veggies, seeds, sprouts, avocado (when available) + House Dressing

    Collard Wraps 11.95

    Mouthwatering collard wraps with hummus, quinoa, veggies, sprouts + House Dressing

    Veggie Chili 11.95 

    Hearty and nutritious cooked (winter) or raw (summer) veggie chili served with brown rice, cashew ‘sour cream’ + green onions.

    Healing Kitchari 11.95

    A staple Ayurvedic healing food. This complete protein meal nourishes + heals your digestive tract. Rice, mung dal + veggies cooked with Kitchari spice mix. Topped with coconut, cilantro + lemon.

    Raw Pad Thai 11.95

    A raw vegan twist on a traditional Thai favourite.


    Tea 2.95

    Whistler’s Namasthé Tea Co.

    Coffee 4.75

    Regular or Cold Brew

    Immunity Tea 4.75

    Garlic, ginger, lemon, maple syrup, turmeric, cayenne

    Matcha Tea 4.75

    Turmeric Mylk 6.95

    Turmeric, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon + cashew mylk (optional: add maple syrup – $1.25)

    Superfood Hot Chocolate 6.95

    Cacao powder, cinnamon, turmeric, maple syrup + cashew mylk (optional: add cayenne)

    Kombucha 5.75                                                                                                                                                                                                   

    Brewed locally in Squamish. Enjoy a refreshing glass of Spark Kombucha. Flavours change daily. Bottles and refills also available.

    Water Kefir (dairy-free) 4.75

    Benefit from the natural probiotics and health promoting properties of water kefir. Bottles and refills also available.


    Wheat Grass Shots 4.50

    Liquid grass

    Ginger Shot 4.50

    Straight up ginger.

    Flu Shot 4.50

    Apple Cider Vinegar, ginger, lemon, cayenne


    FRESHLY SQUEEZED  12oz 6.95 / 16oz 8.50

    • Radiance: Orange or Grapefruit or both

    COLD-PRESSED JUICE  12oz 7.95 / 16oz 9.50

    • Clarity: Apple + ginger (optional)
    • Vitality: Carrot + apple
    • Verve: Vitality + beet & ginger
    • Abundance: Verve + celery, cuke, lemon
    • Invigorating ~ Dr. G’s Ultimate Green*
      *Cleanses, boosts & heals the body. Nutritious blend of green kale, black kale, romaine lettuce, red cabbage, bell pepper, swiss chard + apple.

    Additional nutrients: ginger, lemon  1 ea


    SMOOTHIES  12oz 7.50 16oz 8.95
    Made with almond mylk or water kefir (dairy-free)


    Mixed berries, banana, goji berries + hemp seeds


    Kale, romaine, banana, orange, spirulina + maca


    Cacao, mint, goji berries + banana


    Strawberries, banana, chia + maca


    Blueberries, banana, mixed greens, ginger, turmeric + black pepper

    Chaplin (seasonal)

    Mango, pineapple + banana

    Superfood Add-ons 1.25 ea

    Spirulina, hemp seeds, chia seeds, goji berries, turmeric, maca powder or maple syrup


    KIDS’ MENU $6.75

    • Rice or Quinoa Bowl*
    • Ants on a Log
    • Apples + Nut Butter
    • Veggies + Hummus

    *Rice and quinoa bowls are made to order to accommodate your child’s needs. Please ask staff for details.


    Our desserts are all raw and vegan. Created in-house using only superfood ingredients and sweetened only with dates and maple syrup.

    No-cheese Cheesecake 6.95

    Daily Desserts  – various prices

    Please ask your server (AKA: Wellness Warrior)