Our Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Details Are Now on FrontFundr!

As many of you know, our vision at The Green Mo’ is to bring a nutritional renaissance to humanity – reduce chronic disease by 50% and make our presence on Earth sustainable. Our goal is to bring nutritious, health-promoting food to more people and to do this we need your help.

We are launching a FrontFundr campaign to help fund our expansion projects. FrontFundr is an equity crowdfunding platform that bridges the gap between investors and early-stage companies that has proven successful for several other mission-based businesses. We are selling 10% of our company and are offering non-voting common shares at predetermined amounts. Investors (you!) also receive juicy perks on top of the investment.

Looking for an ethical investment? This is the opportunity for you! Have friends or family that are keen impact investors? Make sure to send them our campaign.

Our expansion plans:

We are raising capital to open a production kitchen in Vancouver that will supply Green Moustache vending machines (stocked with organic, plant-based meals that are made fresh daily – check out our pilot machine here) and wholesale clients. This kitchen will also support the goal of rolling out kiosks in hospitals and wellness centres. We believe that it is essential that whole, real food is accessible to everyone and that our vending machines, cafés and kiosks are an ideal way to reach people.

What are you waiting for?

Head on over to our FrontFundr campaign to learn all about owning shares in our company. Reserve your investment today and become part of The Green Mo’ Revolution! Plus, make sure to share our campaign with your friends and family so that this plant-based nutrition revolution can keep on growing.