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As some of you might already know, throughout our campaign we’re sharing stories and opinions from fellow plant-based wellness warriors who support our mission.

Luckie Sigouin - Plant-based Blogger and Ironman

Luckie Sigouin – Plant-based Blogger and Ironman.

Today, meet Luckie Sigouin – plant-based blogger and Ironman. Read on to discover what Luckie has to say about the need for a ‘plant-based nutrition revolution’.

What inspired you to pursue a plant-based diet?

Originally it was to lose weight, but after a couple of months being on the diet I noticed a major difference in my digestion and nose/head congestion that I never knew I had before. I had more energy, my skin was clearing up and I was recovering faster when it came to sports. But now it’s for a whole different reason, my girlfriend was diagnosed with breast cancer and decided to heal naturally so of course going fully plant-based was the way to go. We have had such tremendous results with her health and that just motivated me to dive deeper into plant-based nutrition. Once you see what eating a plant-based diet does you can’t go back. Once your mind expands it’s hard to retract to your old habits.

Why is a ‘plant-based nutrition revolution’ important to you?

Because, as I mentioned in the previous question, there is so much power in plants, so much energy and healing power that more people need to start using it. I believe it’s all about the education process because many people still don’t make the correlation between the food they eat and how they feel. That’s why I try to use my social platforms to educate people on the benefits of plants. 

Luckie Sigouin

“Prevention is key and I believe that The Green Mo’ is educating people on how to prevent, heal and thrive on a plant-based diet.”

Why do you support the Green Mo’?

Because they are out to educate and empower the community to heal and live better lives. One thing I discovered from attending one of Nicolette’s workshops is that you don’t have to wait to be sick to start eating right. Prevention is key and I believe that The Green Mo’ is educating people on how to prevent, heal and thrive on a plant-based diet.

What is your favourite Green Mo’ meal?

I would have to say the Raw Pad Thai. 

What does an ideal future for our society look like to you?

Where everyone is educated on the healing power of foods. And that everyone is eating a plant-based diet so that we can start reversing diseases, save the environment and abolish animal cruelty.

Luckie and his girlfriend

Luckie and his girlfriend, Jen, who was diagnosed with breast cancer and decided to heal herself naturally.

What do you think needs to happen for us to achieve that future?

More people need to start educating in a way of “this is what I am doing and look at how I am thriving” instead of being in people’s faces with their beliefs. I believe in leading by example and not by telling others what to do. The more people start doing that, I believe the more open and receptive others will be to what we have to share. That’s how I believe that we will get the ball rolling.

Thank you for sharing, Luckie!

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