Isn’t it ironic that in the places where healthy food matters most – hospitals, schools, community centres, etc. – it’s often incredibly hard to find?

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Julia Murray skiing

Julia Murray – plant-based blogger, chef, registered nutritionist, entrepreneur and former Olympian.

Throughout our campaign, we’re sharing stories from plant-based wellness warriors who share our vision. Today we’re featuring Julia Murray, an individual very dear to our hearts here at The Green Mo’.

Julia is a plant-based powerhouse – she is a former Olympian, entrepreneur (her scrumptious cereal is available at all of our B.C. cafés!), blogger, registered holistic nutritionist and chef. Let’s see what Julia has to say about the need for a plant-based future…

What inspired you to pursue a plant-based diet?

First, it was health. I took the CSNN course and became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist a few years ago, and all signs pointed to plants as the healthiest foods on the planet for longevity, and animal and dairy as inflammatory. So, I decided to dive in deeper… the fact that I could eat more and weigh less, the higher energy and the faster recovery times as an athlete all triggered my interest. Then I dove into documentaries (Earthlings, Cowspiracy), watched ‘The Best Speech Ever’ on YouTube, looked up to plant-based doctors as celebs and realized one day looking into my dog’s eyes that all animals are equal and want to live out their lives as comfortably as possible. I didn’t look back.

Why is a ‘plant-based nutrition revolution’ important to you?

Julia Murray preparing fruit.

“The plant-based revolution is happening right before our eyes. The momentum is building like crazy!”

The plant-based revolution is happening right before our eyes. The momentum is building like crazy! This is incredibly important, not only for the heart disease and diabetes epidemic, the melting glaciers and ocean dead zones, but also for our furry friends. Any time I need extra inspiration, I always think of them.

Why do you support The Green Mo’?

I love The Green Mo’! It shows people that clean vegan food CAN taste delicious too. Energizing people with the right fuel is only going to make people feel better inside, so they can treat the outside world with even more love, compassion and curiosity.

What is your favourite Green Mo’ meal?

My fave Green Mo’ meal… ANY of the desserts! And you can’t go wrong with the signature collard green wrap!

Julia Murray - chopping fruit.

“I love the Green Mo’! It shows people that clean vegan food CAN taste delicious too.”

What does an ideal future for our society look like to you?

The ideal future for society to me looks like… a plant-eating world that has made the compassionate connection and doesn’t see animals as food anymore. One that thrives off of delicious plants and thinks back to that weird time when factory farming actually was a thing! This alone would solve so many of the world’s problems.

What do you think has to happen for us to achieve that future?

This can and will be achieved by more and more people hopping on the veg train and sharing the info in a light, fun, exciting, and positive way through delicious plant-based food, with no judgement or pressure. This is the only way it will happen. If you’re vegan, be the vegan you wish you had met before you went vegan. Meet people where they are, talk to them with open arms, and be supportive and patient. 🙂

Thank you for sharing, Julia!

As Julia points out, the plant-based revolution is well underway. Want to help speed things up a bit? Invest in our company so we can get our health-promoting, plant-based food to more communities. Check out our campaign here.