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Our goal is to grow the plant-based nutrition revolution. There are many plant-based athletes, advocates and wellness warriors who share this dream. Throughout our campaign, we will be sharing their plant-based stories and views on why we need to grow this revolution. Enjoy!

Jordan Bruce

Jordan Bruce – Holistic Nutritionist and Live Blood Analyst

Meet our first plant-based wellness warrior – Jordan Bruce. Jordan is a Holistic Nutritionist and Live Blood Analyst whose mission is to inspire clients to to live a happy and healthy life filled with nature, laughter, great people, movement and delicious plant-based food.

What inspired you to pursue a plant-based diet?

I read a book about how meat and dairy negatively impact our health due to antibiotics, hormones and uric acid in animals from factory farmed animals. I then watched all the documentaries about veganism and plant-based eating and I made the decision to cut meat and dairy out. I continued eating wild salmon and “free range” eggs for a couple months then I decided to cut those out and eat vegan. This was back in late 2010 and I made the decision for my health. Within the next couple years, my reasons for being vegan fully shifted and now it’s about animal welfare and the environment, my health is just a bonus.

Why is a ‘plant-based nutrition revolution’ important to you?

As a holistic nutritionist, I work with several clients in practice that would benefit from eating more plants. A plant-centered diet would support and likely decrease their imbalances. I also firmly believe that eating more plants supports longevity. As a society, we are too obsessed with how much protein we are getting when we should be asking how much fiber did you eat today. By eating more plants, people will be healthier, on less medications and live longer happier lives. The environment is also begging for us to be kind to it and we need to listen. Natural disasters impact all of us and the agriculture industry has a bigger impact than all of transportation. We can’t ignore this, we must think of future generations. It’s 2018 and animals are being abused, living in terrible conditions and physically trying to run away from being killed when we can not only survive on a plant diet, we can thrive. There is a huge disconnect between where our food comes from and I think people often don’t want to know the truth which saddens me. “Speciesism is the idea that being human is a good enough reason for human animals to have greater moral rights than non-human animals, a prejudice or bias in favour of the interests of members of one’s own species and against those of members of other species.” For some reason, many humans think it’s ok to eat intelligent pigs or emotional cows, but not dogs or horses. I love my dog so much so how could I eat a pig, a cow or dairy products? 

Kitchari and Salad Combo

Jordan’s Green Mo’ fave – the Kitchari and Salad Combo.

Why do you support the Green Mo’? 

Every single time I spend money, I choose what values are important to me. I always try to support local, sustainable companies, community building, organic and vegan. The Green Mo’ fits all of these! I dine in to avoid the use of plastic, I bring my own tea mug and eat all the plant food. I know the food is fuelling me and I consider it therapeutic. 

What is your favourite Green Mo’ meal?

The kitchari combo with salad, hands down. 

What does an ideal future for our society look like to you?

I would love for people to become more compassionate. I think sometimes we operate on auto-pilot and instead of doing research we turn a blind eye. I find it interesting kids love animals so much and if their parents told their child at the petting zoo that the pig they were just playing with is what they’re going to be eating for dinner, I think the child would be very sad. Why do we lose that as we age? I haven’t been plant-based for my entire life so there’s no judgment, I just encourage people to educate themselves on the matter. You can have 1 beef burger or not shower for 2 weeks, that’s how much water it takes for that one burger. How is that sustainable?

I also really care about our plastic consumption, especially single use. I don’t care if an item is recyclable or compostable, I don’t want to create more plastic. Unfortunately, the majority of plastic that goes into our oceans is from inland. Also, a lot of compostable products aren’t in optimal conditions to actually compost. If we plan and bring our take out containers, our reusable bags and buy in bulk with our glass jars, we can make a big difference day to day.

Jordan Bruce

“I have several clients that decided on their own to become plant-based after being diagnosed with an illness. I would love for people to make the switch preventively.”

What do you think needs to happen for us to achieve that future?

I don’t know… I don’t like being negative, but unfortunately, a lot of people don’t change until something terrible happens to them. Until they have an emotional connection or a reason to change. With respect to plant based eating, my parents switched about 6 years after my sister and I. They both got dogs and realized that a dog is no different than any other animal. This was the moment that led to change for them and everyone has to want to change for themselves.

I have several clients that decided on their own to become plant-based after being diagnosed with an illness. I would love for people to make the switch preventively. I also don’t want any more environmental disasters, turtles with straws in their nose, birds and whales filled with plastic that die because they can no longer get food into their stomach. I would love for others to share how they think we can spread the word in a way that motivates change and a healthier more environmentally compassionate Earth.

Thank you Jordan!

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