Nicolette Juice Lab

By Kevin Damaskie

We can see it on the horizon… somewhere in the very near future, Whistler’s Function Junction will host our newest venture – The Green Moustache Organic Juice + Live Food Lab.

And it is only days away.

Located beside Millar Creek at #2-1209 Alpha Lake Rd, “The Lab” as it is now known by the Green Mo’ team, features 1200 square feet of commercial kitchen and a cozy storefront community space that is open, warm and accessible. With easy access from Highway 99, The Lab is a great refresh stop on your way north or south and offers a new take on fresh, nutritious food for residents and workers in Function Junction.

“It has been so much fun envisioning the Lab and how it will work,” says Green Moustache founder Nicolette Richer. “ This will be a great space to use nutrition and food as a healing catalyst. I’m looking forward to the conversations this space will host.”

No stranger to making Green Moustache dreams reality, Nicolette, her partner Pierre and daughters Jayden, Hazelle, Sadie have been working hard day and night to apply all they learned opening Green Mo’s in Whistler and Kitsilano. Pierre has been leading the construction crew while Nicolette oversees the project. Never worried about getting dirty or tired, Nicolette is quick to pick up a tool, grabbing an angle grinder last week to customize a stainless steel sink.

“Sometimes things just need to get done now,” she said, sparks flying.

The Lab will become the core of our Whistler operations. New and innovative recipes will be tested, community gatherings will be hosted, healing retreats will be retreated and the Green Moustache revolution will spread – one bite and one human connection at a time.

The evolution of the Lab is one of passion and necessity. The passion of our customers for our food, and the necessity for us to continue to meet your growing needs for more and more Green Mo’ goodness.

As the popularity of The Green Moustache on Whistler’s Main Street grows, the demands on our micro-kitchen there have too. In order to serve you better, our happy Main Street juice pros will continue doing made to order smoothies, salads and breakfast, but they will have more space. Prep shifts will move to Function Junction, as The Lab becomes Whistler HQ for Green Moustache food preparation, divine dessert manifestation station and juice pressing. As always, our focus and mantra will be local, organic, live, nutritious and always delicious.

The heart of the lab will beat with the pulse of our shiny new commercial cold press juicer. Fresh in from the Freshly Squeezed factory in Chino, California, the FS-20+ can squeeze over 100 litres of fresh juice an hour, ensuring your favourite flavour is available all day, every day.

The Lab storefront is your space. Sit, eat, visit, and learn about nutrient-dense, plant-powered nutrition. Set the little ones free in the kids’ cave, an under-the-stairs hideaway full of fun. As the Green Moustache grows, we are working with you to focus on building individual and community health from soil to stomach.

With expanded cold storage we will be able to order more beautiful, organic Pemberton Valley produce, bringing you the freshest, healthiest veggies the day they are picked by our friendly farmer neighbours.

The demand for our juice has grown exponentially and we are constantly searching for new avenues to get Green Mo’ juice into the community. This spring, we will roll out the first of our bottled juice line at select Whistler locations. Stay tuned to find out where you can buy Verve, Vitality and Dr. G in a bottle in Whistler this spring.

Got a great place that should be selling bottled Green Mo’ juice? Email  Want to hold a community event, cooking class, stretching session or something else? Contact us at

See you at the Green Moustache Organic Juice + Live Food Lab in Whistler’s Function Junction soon. Check out our facebook page next week as we will announce our opening date there. Don’t miss out!

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