The Green Moustache FrontFundr Campaign
Nutritious Food and Health Education for All

The life-giving purpose of nutritious food has been forgotten and we are all suffering as result. Our vision is to bring a nutritional renaissance to humanity – reduce chronic disease by 50% and make our presence on Earth sustainable.

Our goal is to bring nutritious, health-promoting food to more people. To do this we need your help. We are launching a FrontFundr campaign to raise capital for expansion, which will include building a commissary kitchen, rolling out more vending machines and expanding our online education programs.

Coming in October 2018, you will be able to become a part of The Green Mo’ Revolution and invest in our company to help bring our expansion plans to fruition. More details will be available on FrontFundr once the campaign is live.

The Problem

Over the past 3 generations, agriculture, food processors and retail organizations have hijacked the food narrative in the interest of growing the bottom line and knowingly ignored rational calls for a better way.

  • The modern-day food supply system is built for high volume, convenience, and low cost.
  • People eat for momentary enjoyment and to get “full”. The majority do not eat health-promoting, nutrient-rich food.
  • 1 in 2 Canadians are diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.
  • 1 in 4 people are living with a chronic disease.
  • The symptoms of chronic diseases are treated with toxic pharmaceuticals and unpleasant, life-altering surgeries.
  • Industrial agriculture and aquaculture are the leading contributor to global climate change.

We can work together to change this!

Over 75% of diseases are preventable and even reversible through simple lifestyle changes around diet + exercise.