Become a Green Moustache Owner
Be your own boss. Run your own restaurant. Nourish and heal your community.

Why choose The Green Moustache?

We are not a “concept” chain or fad-brand manufactured to grab customers’ attention and convince them to frequent our cafés. We believe with 100% conviction that eating whole, plant-based foods is a necessity for human health and our cafés are a means to make this accessible in our modern world. We defy modern conventions that have sacrificed nutrition, health, and the environment in the pursuit of profit. Our ingredients are whole, 100% organic, plant-based foods. We prepare food with our hands and serve our neighbours with a smile. Our franchise owners earn an income while spending their days with full authenticity.

Franchising Overview

The Green Moustache team will help you every step of the way so we can thrive together. We assist with leasing a space, building out your café, training you and your staff on food preparation and operations, and so much more. Your start-up costs include a $25,000 franchise fee, roughly $50,000 in equipment and materials, $50,000 to $150,000 in tenant improvements (depending on existing state of the space), and around $50,000 in working capital and lease security deposits (recovered later). Ongoing costs include a 6% royalty fee and 3% contribution to advertising. We ask our owners to work in their cafés full-time for the first year to engage with your customers and support your staff.

If this appeals to your heart and mind, read on for more information.