Frequently Asked Questions
Green Moustache Franchise Opportunity

About you

  • Do I need experience running a business or working with food?

    You do not need related experience to be successful, but any food service experience you have is a plus. The Green Moustache provides comprehensive training to all new franchisees and you will need to take an owner’s FOODSAFE course. We’ll teach you everything else.

  • Who is the ideal Green Moustache franchisee?

    We believe that the success of a Green Moustache Organic Café in any location is tied directly to the caliber of the individual who operates it. When selecting a franchisee, we look for the following attributes and qualities:

    • Share our belief about natural, organic plant-based foods and healthy lifestyles
    • Will actively work in, and manage, the restaurant
    • Are familiar with, and involved in, the community where the restaurant is located
    • Committed to following the system
    • Have access to the funds to invest in the business​
    • Will to keep learning and building your entrepreneurial skill sets
  • Can I open a Green Moustache Organic Café with an investor or a partner?

    The most common partnerships are spousal partnerships. If you are interested in having an investor/business partner, please discuss this with our Franchising Team.

About the money

  • How much are the franchise fee and royalties?

    The franchise fee is $25,000 plus GST.

    1. Is the franchise fee refundable?
      1. The franchise fee is non-refundable.
    2. What are the royalties?
      1. The royalties are 9% overall on gross sales – 6% goes to the licensing company, 3% goes to a marketing fund. The branding fund is there to market the Green Moustache brand, not just individual locations.  Franchisees are required to spend 2% of their own budget for marketing their own store.
  • Will The Green Moustache assist with financing?

    We do not provide financial assistance to franchisees.; it is the franchisee’s responsibility to secure financing. All franchisees will need to discuss financing with their financial advisor or financial institution.

    You are required to have sufficient capital to purchase the franchise, pay for the development of the premises, and have sufficient working capital available to cover the start-up phase of the business.

    To be financially pre-qualified we require you to have a minimum of 50% of the total initial investment in unencumbered funds.

    Once you are awarded a franchise, we will provide you with a business plan template specific to The Green Moustache to further assist your efforts in acquiring a business loan.

    Financing Resources

    If you are seeking start-up financing, you can start with these resources:

  • What is the initial purchase cost for a Green Moustache restaurant?

    To create a Green Moustache Organic Café, you should have access to $125,000 – $150,000 (plus applicable taxes) depending on a number of factors, including the size of the restaurant and the amount of tenant improvement allowances provided by the landlord.  This amount includes the Initial Franchisee Fee, leasehold improvements, equipment, initial inventory, grand opening promotion, insurance, and miscellaneous start-up items.

  • How much money will I make?

    As each The Green Moustache Organic Café is in a different location with different customers, we are not able to predict for you how much revenue you will make. In addition, it all depends on how hard you are willing to work. It is each franchisees responsibility to maximise revenue and profits and minimize expenses in their location.

About the training

  • How long is the training and what’s covered in the training program?

    We will provide you with assistance with respect to pre-opening and opening activities of your location, including an Initial Training program in the days before, during and after the opening day of your business.

    The assistance and training program will ensure you have all the information you need to start your business including; how to open your bank account, installing your Point of Sale System (POS), obtaining the correct insurance coverage, setting up merchant accounts, selecting and training your employees, ordering your initial food inventory, and all food safety and preparation techniques. We will be working alongside you in your restaurant when it opens just to ensure that your business starts launches on a good course.

    We may provide, from time to time, mandatory and optional training programs covering subjects such as new policies and procedures, marketing, customer service and other aspects of business operations.

About the Locations

  • Which territories are available to open a Green Moustache Organic Café?

    Currently we are accepting applications from all provinces in Canada.

  • How big does my café need to be?

    From our experience, we know that a Green Moustache Organic Café operates well in a location that is between 750 to 1200 square feet. We do not recommend a smaller location, however, you may choose to have a slightly larger location depending on the layout of the space and the size of your customer base.

  • Can I own more than one location?

    Yes, however we currently require that you own and operate one Green Moustache Organic Café for at least one year before we award you a second location. We our mission is to ideally bring on ‘partners’ rather than simply selling our concept to ‘franchisees’. We are looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate about the mission and vision of The Green Moustache brand and want to help us grow and bring more healthy and whole plant-based meals and beverages into more communities.

  • Do I get help choosing a location?

    Yes. We provide you with a Site Selection Criteria and you can also discuss this in your meeting our Franchising Team.

About the work

  • What are the Green Moustache hours of operation?

    Your hours will depend on the flow of foot traffic coming past your location, however a typical or ideal Green Moustache Organic Café’s operating hours are 8:00 – 18:00 Mon-Sun.

  • Do I need to work in my Green Moustache Organic Café everyday?

    To be truly successful as a franchisee, we require all franchisees to be regularly involved in the day-to-day operations. In the first year, you will be most active, spending more working hours in the restaurant. Once it’s at a point where it is being managed effectively, we will then help to guide you to scale back your hours and ensure you are gaining your desired work/life balance.

  • As a franchisee, can I create my own recipes?

    We have a standard menu, but we encourage you to come up with ideas for new dishes. We then test them in our corporate stores and ensure they meet our food costing criteria and that the public desires the suggested menu item. If approved, the menu item becomes the property of The Green Moustache and each restaurant can choose to include it on their menu.

About us

  • What is special about the Green Moustache Menu?

    We want to help people achieve optimum health using food as medicine. We do this by serving up 100% organic whole food, juices, smoothies and desserts. Every menu item is made from scratch, just like grandma used to do.

    Our produce is fresh and pure, always in its most natural form. This means no preservatives, processed foods, canned, sulphured or prepackaged products. We don’t use food colourings, refined sugars, added flavouring or ice fillers and we minimize the sodium content in all of our menu items. Our menu is designed to maximise nutritional content for optimum health and we don’t believe that meals and beverages should have a shelf life.

  • Who eats at the Green Moustache?

    Before we opened our first location, we thought we had a clear description of our niche customer demographic. However, we now know that our customers are made up of individuals from all age categories – 2 year olds that crave our Einstein Smoothie and Buddha Bowl, to teenagers and millennials that have direct knowledge that a plant-based lifestyle reduces their risk factors for cancer and other chronic illnesses, to business executives who put their health and wellness first, to senior citizens that remember a time when food came directly from a nutrient rich garden, was washed, prepared and then eaten in the same day. Preservatives, chemicals and fake food? No thanks.

  • Who’s behind the Green Moustache?

    The Green Moustache is made up of the following individuals:

    Nicolette Richer: Founder and CEO

    Pierre Richer: Co-founder, Chief Operations Officer, and Franchise Training Manager

    Geoff Telfer: Partner and Chief Strategy Officer

    Hayley Ingman: Director of Corporate Enablement

    Kristen Kelly: Marketing and Administrative Assistant

    We have managers at each of our corporate locations that keep our cafés running smoothly on a day to day basis. Our team also includes a brilliant book keeper, savvy controller, hands on accountant and fantastic social media and marketing consultants.

  • How big is the organic food industry?

    Canada’s organic market grew to $3.7 billion in 2012, with national sales of certified organic food and non-alcoholic beverages reaching $3 billion. The value of the Canadian organic food market has tripled since 2006, far outpacing the growth rate of other agri-food sectors. A diverse consumer base is driving the sector, with 58% of all Canadians buying organic products every week.


  • What is the future vision of the Green Moustache?

    Our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal):  To have a Green Moustache Organic Café in 50 (fifty) hospitals, universities and communities in less than 5 years and to have 500 locations in 10 years across Canada.

    Our Purpose: Nourishing individuals using a ‘soil to belly’ approach so they can reduce their diet risk factors for cancer and chronic disease and they can thrive.

    Vision: 50% Reduction in Cancer, Global Health, A Green Mo’ Café next to every hospital, school and McDonald’s on the planet.

    Mission: To be the number one connector between the planet and people using the healing power of foods to help individuals achieve optimum health

    Our Approach: Live, share and inspire optimum health daily

    1. Teach people how to eat foods that starve cancer and prevent and reverse disease
    2. Raise awareness and educate about the cancer starving and disease fighting benefits of food.
    3. Provide people with the opportunity to eat a variety of affordable foods and beverages that have the most potent anti-cancer activity, prepared in ways that optimizes their effects, and that sustains a long-term healthy eating lifestyle.

    Our Core Values: 

    • People + Planet inextricably linked
    • Knowledge + Awareness
    • Sharing + Connection
    • Health + Vitality
    • Playfulness + Pleasure
    • Leadership + Laughter
    • Simplicity
    • Love
  • What are the Eat to Beat programs about?

    At The Green Moustache Organic Café we serve up a healthy programs promoting disease fighting foods that are equally delicious and nutritious. The Green Moustache is more than a health food café, it’s a community space that brings wellness warriors together; people who are passionate about spreading the healthy love by learning and sharing evidence based information about nutrition and wellness, all while taking a stand for our body’s miraculous ability to heal itself.

    Most chronic diseases can be prevented, and many even reversed through reducing risk factors and adopting healthy behaviours around eating clean nutrient dense foods and engaging in moderate exercise and detoxification. Our Eat to Beat Programs are designed for elementary and high school students so they can learn to Eat Real to Heal using a hands on and fun approach. For more details, please visit our Programs for Schools page or call 604-962-4161.

About the application

  • How long does it take to be approved as a Green Moustache Franchisee?

    Once we determine that you meet the preliminary selection criteria based on the inquiry application form our Website, we will contact you within 30 days and send you a Request for Information and Consideration (RFIC) Form for you to fill out. Upon receipt and approval to the next phase, we will then set up a series of interviews and FAQ sessions, provide you with a copy of the Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Document which you will have adequate time to review and make a final decision if you want move forward. If everything is a good fit for us both, you will be awarded a The Green Moustache franchise. The entire process usually takes anywhere from 30-90 days.

  • How do I apply to be a Green Moustache franchisee?

    Please visit the, ‘Become a Franchisee’ where all the steps are detailed.