Detoxify Your Environment

Detoxify Your Environment

By Hayley Ingman

When we think of detoxing we tend to think of giving up coffee, alcohol and unhealthy foods. We may also consider reducing our pesticide consumption by choosing organic foods. But what about reducing other toxins in our homes and workplaces?

There are many things to consider, such as chemical free toiletries and cosmetics, BPA-free plastics, low VOC paints, pesticide and chemical free fabrics, and even toxins in pens.

Did you know that some permanent markers contain a solvent called xylene? Xylene is highly toxic and although using a pen may not do a significant amount of damage in itself, it contributes to all the toxins we will be exposed to, and it all adds up. By the end of the day, we have potentially been exposed to many toxins in our workplace, our home and our cars.

When we are thinking about what goes into making the products we want to purchase it’s good to think about other impacts of purchasing these items too, as we can contribute to less toxins and waste in the environment overall.

Can we upcycle, recycle, re-use instead of purchasing new items? Is it possible to use safer alternatives to plastic? Can we use a product made with recycled materials instead of new ones? Is there an option that hasn’t been tested on animals? Can we find fabrics that are organic and use environmentally friendly inks? Is there an option from a company that protects workers from being exposed to too many toxins, and that disposes of materials and chemicals in an environmentally safe way?

It can be challenging to tick all the boxes when we are purchasing things we need, as sometimes the non-toxic, ethical, environmentally-friendly option simply isn’t available. But if we are at least being mindful and thinking through all the issues, we will know we have done the best we can to protect ourselves and others.

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