Commitment to our Environment

100% Organic

Eating organic food doesn’t just benefit our health, it has significant environmental benefits as well. It enriches the soil, it enables bird and bee populations to flourish and avoids pesticides going into our air, soil and waterways.

Supporting Organic Farms

Because we source all of our ingredients from organic farms and we have significant demand for their produce, we have enabled farmers to increase the size of their farms. The larger the organic farms, the greater the benefit to the environment!

The Health of our Farmers is #1

The Dirty Dozen concept is a dirty trick…you may choose to purchase foods that don’t absorb pesticides and herbicides as readily as thin skinned or leafy veggies and fruits, and therefore your health is protected, but what about the health of the farmers who grow the all the food? By choosing organic, you protect them from having to spray toxic chemicals in their communities, which eventually affects their children and their health as well.

Sourcing Locally

We source all of our food as locally as possible, which reduces the number of miles it travels to our restaurants and therefore reduces harmful transportation emissions and betters the local economy by preventing monetary leakage and by creating valuable jobs. We also support local companies for purchasing products like our compostable take-out containers, and handmade edibles like our Glow Chocolates, Namasthé Tea, and Aphrodite’s Cookies, and Vegan Pudding, Squamish Water Kefir, and Spark Kombucha.

100% Plant-Based

Did you know that, in addition to being better for your health, a plant-based diet significantly reduces a person’s environmental footprint? Research has found that animal agriculture is responsible for producing more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transport sector combined.

From reducing emissions to reducing water use, land use, antibiotic use, pesticides and pollution, there are many benefits to the environment from eating plant-based.

AND cancer cells won’t stand a chance, diabetes is kicked to the curb and your heart will love you too!

Compostable Take Out Containers

At our Whistler and Squamish locations all of our take-out containers, cups, cutlery and straws are 100% compostable. Each of these juice bars has a compost bin you can place them in, or you can add them to your own compost bin at home. All of our take-out materials break down into rich soil in just 14 days in a commercial composter.

We also encourage customers to bring their own take-out containers, mason jars and travel mugs for their take-out orders.

We would like to have compostable containers in our other locations, but their local municipalities do not yet offering composting services. We encourage you to give your local municipality a call and let them know you would like them to compost containers too.

Minimal Food Waste

At the Green Moustache Organic Café we are committed to producing as little waste as possible. We only make and order what we need fresh each day so we don’t have food waste, we compost all our food scraps, we recycle all of our recyclables and we donate any supplies or furniture we no longer need.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

When building a new juice bar, we seek out restaurant equipment that has been pre-loved so that we can prevent it from going into the landfill. It’s not always possible to find, but we do our best – thanks to Craigslist and all the used kitchen equipment suppliers. In fact, our restaurants were mostly built by upcycling kitchen equipment, counters and furniture and we go for a minimalist industrial look – not because its trendy – but because it saves us from have to consume more building materials that our planet simply doesn’t need. Our favourite décor: plants and cookbooks and our customers’ smiles.