Café Feature: The Green Mo’ Edmonton

Our café in Edmonton, Alberta, is the first Green Moustache Organic Café outside of BC. The café is located adjacent to the new Studio X Bikram Yoga, both owned by franchisee Eva Chipiuk, providing an optimal location for promoting health and wellbeing.

Eva Chipiuk

Eva Chipiuk – owner of The Green Moustache Edmonton and Studio X Bikram Yoga.

About the Owner

New Green Moustache franchisee Eva Chipiuk put her passion for the environment into practice by becoming an environmental lawyer. Her life took a sudden turn when she was diagnosed with a rare pancreatic cancer, and she decided to take some time off to take care of herself. Eva became a yoga instructor and traveled the world for four years teaching yoga.

Eva has since returned to Edmonton and wants to help people take care of themselves and give them a healthy alternative for food and exercise. She came across The Green Moustache Organic Café and knew it was the perfect fit, as The Green Moustache’s mission is to help people prevent, and heal from, disease.

Lemon No-Cheese Cheesecake

One of our signature flavours of No-Cheese Cheezecakes – Lemon.

Edmonton City Council is partway through a project to revamp Jasper Avenue to make it more pedestrian friendly and bring increased vitality to the downtown area, making it the ideal location for vibrant businesses such as The Green Moustache Organic Café and Studio X Bikram Yoga.

The Green Moustache Edmonton is home to many classic Green Mo’ dishes, such as our signature Healing Kitchari – a warm, soothing dish featuring mung dhal (similar to lentils) and an array of organic spices; our not-so-sinful No-Cheese Cheezecakes (pictured); and our Immunity Tea – a perfect post-yoga pick-me-up to fend against Edmonton’s bitter winter.

For more information visit The Green Moustache Edmonton’s location page, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.