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Five tricks for beating Lyme disease

By Kevin Damaskie With a bit of a chuckle and a hint of seriousness James C. says he has been accused of “wearing a tinfoil hat.” All because of a tick bite. James, 55, a resident of Durango, Colorado, believes he contracted Lyme disease from a tick bite he sustained in 1983 while living in […]

Berry Good Lemonade

By Anna Ronayne With summer in full swing, we decided to start playing around with lemonade at The Green Moustache. At first, we stayed close to the traditional style, but with the abundance of local raspberries around this season, suddenly pink was the way to go. Try some other berries and let us know what […]


Dietary Change Heals Chronic Psoriasis

Healing Hero – Steven and Chris Brook. Brotherly Advice and a Dietary Change Heals Chronic Psoriasis. By Kevin Damaskie In an entire family afflicted with psoriasis, Chris Brook says he didn’t “have it too bad.” But his sister, brother and father were all painfully affected by the skin condition. For Chris’ brother Steven it was […]