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Recipe – Healing Tomato Soup

Winter is in full swing, bringing with it cooler temperatures, lots of snow… and the annual circulation of head colds. When you’re feeling under the weather, there is nothing better than a steaming bowl of soup to pick you up. But don’t reach for the Campbell’s! Your body needs fresh, wonderful, health-restoring ingredients, packed full […]


Get the Green Mo’ Into Canada’s Hospitals

Join the Green Mo’ Revolution to get our delicious, healthy food into hospitals! There is an ancient Chinese proverb: “He who takes medicine and neglects diet wastes the skill of his doctors”. Hippocrates himself stressed, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”. And that was long before the industrial revolution, when food […]

Recipe – Jen’s easy, cheesy, cauliflower bites & cheese sauce

I was first introduced to nutritional yeast when I first began to dabble in veganism, 3 years ago – lamenting the devastating loss of cheese from my life and wondering how I might ever be able to replace it. Upon hearing of my dilemma, my seasoned-pro-vegan friends gushed so emphatically about this ‘miracle’ of cheesy […]


Ditch the dairy for whole, nutritious plant foods

Dairy has been on our food guides and in our refrigerators for generations – but there is plenty of evidence that the white stuff’s prevalence in today’s’ diet comes down to some heavy marketing in the decades past, rather than any real benefits to health. Contrary to overwhelming societal views, there is no evidence that […]

Recipe – Summer Chickpea Salad with Lemon-Garlic dressing

Chickpeas are really a wonderful addition to your diet. They’re super nutritious, packed with plant-based protein and healthy fibre, and an excellent source of iron, B6 and magnesium alongside vitamin K, folate, phosphorus and many more minerals essential for good health. Chickpeas, otherwise known as Garbanzo beans, are a legume of the pea family known […]

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Spice up your mealtimes! The Green Mo Guide

Spices have long had a place in our kitchens and traditional medicines, but it’s only recently that science is beginning to unearth their many benefits. Their bold flavors can add taste to dishes without the need for salt, processed ingredients, fats and chemical flavorings. They’re great for developing an adventurous taste in your little ones […]

Hope in a Warming World

As an environmental and health blogger, I research a lot. I come across a lot of facts and figures which indicate alarming trends in society and environmentally. I have literally read scholarly articles predicting the end of human life. It’s a scary job, guys. I confess to you now – At times, it gets too […]


Recipe – Whole, plant-based Pad Thai

It’s time for a recipe! This week, we’re celebrating Pad Thai (or, Kway Teow Pad Thai) – Thailand’s best-known speciality dish. Immensely famous worldwide, Pad Thai is unlike most Westernised Asian food in that it has remained fairly close to its roots. In Thailand, it is traditionally bought from street-food vendors, who sell nothing else […]