Amy Soranno

Interview with Amy Soranno

Amy Soranno - Animal Rights Activist Extraordinaire Hot dogs don't belong in hospitals. Plant-based, organic, whole food meals do. We've launched a FrontFundr campaign to get our health-promoting food into hospitals, community centres, schools…
Julia Murray preparing fruit.

Interview with Julia Murray

Isn't it ironic that in the places where healthy food matters most - hospitals, schools, community centres, etc. - it's often incredibly hard to find? We're raising equity through FrontFundr, an online platform that facilitates equity crowdfunding,…
A Richer Health Healing Hero - Ayla

Healing Hero Interview – Ayla

Have you checked out our FrontFundr campaign yet? We're raising equity to get our 100% organic, plant-based, whole food into hospitals, schools, community centres and beyond. Throughout our campaign, in addition to sharing stories from fellow…